Privacy Policy

Gathering Information

We care and value our clients and members. All information given by you through this website is treated with care and kept with optimum confidentiality. When you visit our Website and fill in any contest or survey forms, we may request information from you, which enables us to serve and understand you better.

Information Sharing

Information sharing can provide a valuable type of consumer networking. By helping to make new connections and introduce new resources to our customers, you may discover new opportunities and products compatible with your interests and needs. With that end in mind, when you purchase an item, your customer information is shared with other select companies whose products and services you may find useful.
We appreciate and respect that not all customers may wish to benefit from the opportunity to share information with other select companies. If you do not want Yung Shung Printrade Pte Ltdto share your customer information, please immediately contact us and we will remove your name from lists we share with other companies. After the six to eight week time period it takes to process your request, your information will no longer be shared. When contacting us, please clearly state your request, including your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.

Links To Sites And Services

At times, we provide links our customers may be interested in. Yung Shung Printrade Pte Ltd is not responsible for these sites. If you choose to explore these sites and services, we suggest that you carefully review their individual Privacy Policies.

Updating Your Information

We do understand that your information is subject to change from time to time. We encourage our members and clients to inform us of any change in their information. To update your information, just contact us through email including your previous and current full name, mailing address, email address and phone number. Please allow us up to 4 weeks to update your new information into our database.

Privacy Policy Updates

Yung Shung Printrade Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend, add or append any parts of this privacy policy and terms of use to remain relevant.