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Yung Shung Printrade Pte Ltd
Blk 996 Bendemeer Road
#02-06, Singapore 339944
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Mon - Fri : 9am - 6pm
Closed on Weekends & Public Holidays

About Us

Founded in 1985, Yung Shung Printrade Pte Ltd. has an established reputation for affordable, reliable, and efficient printing services of the highest standard. We offer a range of services that is unrivalled in instant printing, Singapore printers simple cannot compete.Contact us with your requirements and we will tailor our services accordingly.
We are at the forefront of both offset and digital printing, combining the latest in technology with a proficient, highly trained team who have decades of experience in the industry. Our team is proud of their work and carries through a commitment and passion to our printing that guarantees a satisfying experience for you, the customer. Our client range is diverse and satisfied clients come from a plethora of industries that range from advertising to IT, from finance to industry. 
We deliver what your printing needs. 
Whenever we make a committment, we stand by our principles to deliver. This is important as we establish trust with clients and suppliers.
Nearly three decades in industry have seen YS Print earn its trustworthy reputation. We stand by our commitments to clients, valuing our relationships and delivering upon our promises. With YS Print you can order with assurance and confidence that we will follow through. Our drive to give you the best is the unparalleled in instant printing. 
Singapore has trusted us for 28 years, we don’t take that lightly.
Cheap cost need not mean poor product.
Be assured that we provide you our best price, combined with optimum quality in standards. YS Print firmly disagree that “you get what you pay for”. If so, why would we be Singapore’s forefront printers? We are cheaper. We are better. 
Enjoy the purse-string friendly brilliance that countless customers across Singapore have been enjoying for years. We understand that business has had to tighten its belt, whilst becoming even more competitive at the same time. Therefore our service should be at the heart of your printing operations, we want to help you perform in this tough environment. Our printing helps your business reach its potential through professionalism, prudency and pride – join us.